Tuesday, March 19, 2019

We Must See

It has been said of saints of past centuries that were 
     conscious of living with heaven opening on their right hand 
          and hell opening at their feet.
That is to say they were conscious of how very close the spiritual worlds, both good and bad, were to their immediate existence.

As I write I would like to only emphasize the world of God,
but I must also cry out in warning against spiritual forces seeking to drag us away from God.

Paul speaks of those who, "comparing themselves among themselves are not wise" (2 Cor. 10.12)
The measure of anything depends on what we compare it to - 
the hills around us seem high unless we have seen the mighty mountains of the world.

 Today there are so many self-anointed, and self-appointed  "apostles" and "prophets."
(Some of them must also fancy themselves "tax collectors" as their preoccupation seems to involve separating the children of God from their cash.)

...We hear them speak of the tremendous moving of God around the world, 
at a time when all moral indicators are in free fall,
and "gross darkness" covers the nations. (Is. 61.2)

We hear talk of unleashed blessing and purpose,
when the world stumbles in darkness and those who lead the nations, 
are adrift without light and without answers.

Unless we see with the eyes of the spirit,
and feel the call of the Spirit of God within,
it is easy to run after the promise of a cost free experience.

If, as Faber says,
"There is no place where earth's sorrows, 
are more felt than up in heaven,"
how can we live, as children of heaven, so unaware?

I think a major part of the problem is that we have never really known, 
in our churches, or our lives, the glory within,
"as when the melting fire burneth." (Is 64.2)

The good news is that God is still God,
His Word and His purposes abide,
and His power is sufficient to fulfill.

The promise is still of God's revelation, (not man's) to the hearts that seek Him alone. (Jer. 29.13)
If we press on we will find a revelation of a fullness beyond anything the mind can imagine, or dream.

The wonder of the drawing near of God is that, 
     beyond all our measures He carries us, 
          and quickens us, in the realm of His Spirit.
And 'amid the clamor of ten thousand voices we know Him, and amidst the thunder of the universe we hear the slightest whisper of His voice.'

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