Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Source of All

"In Him we live." (Acts 17.28)

If only our eyes could see it Now, as we will see it Then.
     If only we could perceive the dimension of the Infinite.

Here where Suffering, Pain and Loss has been the daily portion of countless lives through endless generations, 
     how great is the revelation of the Answer to it all.

The Life which is in Him is the Answer -
     He is the Completion of  all that is Incomplete,
          the Wholeness of all that is Broken.

If God Himself is the Answer, then whatever lack I have, is a lack of Him.

How would it be if we could strip our lives of everything unnecessary, 
and all our lives be lived Reaching Out to the Life which is in Him?
     How would it be if all our prayer were about finding Him?

How would it be if we ceased to pray, sing, and praise in an effort to produce something from outside ourselves - faith, emotion, etc. and instead released an Expression of something within ourselves - 
     a lifting up of God's Name, 
          or a  lifting up of our Need to Him.

The hours of our lives slip by, and for long enough we have drunk from the same little cups.
There is a river of Life beyond all our experience, and God invites us to come, 
to drink, and Live.