Saturday, March 23, 2019

Broad Dimensions

"I saw the Lord," said Isaiah. (6.1)

My father used to say, "None of us have ever seen revival."

We would not be far wrong, if we said in any gathering, "None of us have ever seen God."

There is a snatch of a Christmas song in my mind right now.
     It says, speaking of the annunciation to Mary and the birth of Jesus,
          "How many angels are singing His name?"

It got me thinking of the dimension of God.
     How many angels?
     What is the dimension of His Kingdom?
     ... of His Power?
     ... of His Love?
     ... of His Mercy? 
     ... of His Salvation?

How great is His purpose ?
And His ability to bring it to pass?

What are the obstacles of our lives before Him?
What are the obstacles of all our world before Him?

Eternity is but a faint reflection of Him in its Limitlessness.
     There is no end to its Length of Time.
          There is no end to its Breadth and Fullness.
               There is no Depth that it cannot reach,
                    nor is there a Height which can limit it.

Zephaniah (3.17) says, "The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is Mighty."
Isaiah (25.9) says, "This is our God ... we have waited for Him."

We don't need to settle for the limitations of this poor world around us,
     nor for the limitations of a church which has lost its sight.

             Let us look and find in Him fullness to overflowing.


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