Saturday, March 2, 2019

My Lord

"My Lord and my God"  (Jn. 20.28) - it was the confession of a new dimension for Thomas.
     The words were the expression of a life-changing-moment. 
          Death was no longer the end - there was infinite life beyond.

We read it, but Thomas experienced it.
     After the doubt, came the revelation.
          After the emptiness came the fullness.
               After insufficiency came sufficiency.
                    After all the loss came the resurrection of hope.
                         After an utter ending came a limitless beginning.
Thomas met a greater world than he had ever dreamed.
His vision was no longer on "things" but the Creator of all things. 
In that moment of sight came an instantaneous birth of all that had died.

It was a revelation of Life;
     but more than that, 
          it was a revelation of the Infinite -
               the realm of God which is beyond all measure.

It was a revelation of infinite Love, infinite Mercy, infinite Power.

This was the moment when Darkness was changed into Light,
     when Doubt gave place to Faith,
          when Death became Life.

               The Old world of his doubts had passed away, 
               and the New extended without limit.