Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spiritual Warfare ... New Creation

"The thief cometh … to destroy: I am come that they might have life." (Jn. 10.10)

We look around us and  hear speak of "spiritual warfare" and the destiny of nations,
     and somehow it all seems hollow,
          and so far removed from reality.

In these days I was confronted with a person,
     born to limitations,      
        raised to limitations,
             lacking in opportunities,
                  lacking in life formation.

This is a person facing a life changing decision from a place of utter weakness.
And as he makes his way forward he stands before an enemy whose sole purpose is his destruction.
     Does he have a way to victory?
          Does God have a way to victory for such a one?

Jesus says, "I am come ..."
     "I am come  - that they might have ..."
          "I am come that they might have - Life."

It is a new Life, in a New Kingdom.
It is a place where the bondages this earth has placed upon us are broken.
It is a place where we are free to possess an inheritance in the Kingdom of God.
It is a place where the gaps in our lives are filled.
It is a place where the damage done by the enemy is swallowed up in the power of a New Creation.

Can we see it?
We are all in a spiritual battle, 
and this is the greatest battle we will ever face
the battle to find the dimension of Life which God offers to us.

This is why the enemy tries with all his might to persuade us that what we see in the Bible is impossible.
This is why he seeks to make us believe that it is foolish to give up our control of our petty destinies and take a step in trust to God.

God would make us "complete in Him," (Col. 2.10),
     His Life our Life,
          His Light our Light,
               His resources our resources, to live and to walk, in His fullness.