Monday, April 24, 2017

SALVATION...How Saved are we?

Man is more concerned with the avoiding of Loss than to obtaining Gain.
It is said that many times at the end of life, people lament more what they did not do than the things they did do.

Sadly, we seem to have carried this thinking over to our understanding of Salvation.
We look more at what we are saved "from" than at what we are saved "to"...
Salvation "from" becomes the end of what we look for from God.
Maybe we would not express it this way - but we do live this way.

For God what we call Salvation is merely the door.
Our call is to possess a Kingdom.
The "to" is always greater than the "from".
The positive is always greater than the negative.
That which is ahead is always greater than that which is behind.

Salvation is God's door to infinite realms and to liberty without limits.

As Israel journeyed to the promised land, so before us there is a destiny, a place of wide horizons to be explored and possessed.

All our earthly journey is to that place where it is "on earth as it is in heaven"...a place where the powers of the Kingdom are Real and are Present.