Saturday, March 31, 2018


Day and night, night and day ... so it is in nature, and so it has been with the history of man since the time of creation.

God blesses us with a time of Light and we turn again to darkness, and day is followed by night down through the ages.

The unravelling of the world 100 years ago in the First World War was only the ending of a decay. 
The old system had reached its end and had no answers for the world around.
There was no workable replacement.
In the preceding years over half a dozen national leaders had been murdered by anarchists ...the "activists" of their time...from President McKinley in USA to Tsar Alexander the Second of Russia.
Royalty, prime ministers and presidents, fell under the onslaught in different countries.

A century later our world is in the same place - a place where there are no answers.
Darkness has descended again, and around us chaos reigns ... and our leaders find no response, no solution, no way forward.
The music of an ordered world has given place to dissonance ... clashes of conflict, without the resolution of order.

Darkness blinds us in our searching, and we are unable to find our way out, or find reason.

Only in God is there Light and without Him all must ever fall apart.
In the darkness He finds His own, and His own can find Him awaiting.
Push on, Beloved, through the darkness...He is your Light.

He rose again to bring us "out of darkness into His marvellous Light" ( 1 Peter 2.9) 
This is our Journey and this is our goal.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

He Hears

O Thou that hearest prayer, to Thee shall all flesh come.  Ps. 65.2

He hears ... He hears ... He hears...

Say to your Soul, "Come ... come ... and come."

Come to the One Who Hears it all.
      Come to the One Who Understands it all.
            Come to the One Who Cares for it all.

Come, because in this world there is no Other.
      Come because in that coming you are Met.
            Come because in that coming you are Sure.

Come because before Him, and before His will, all things must bow.

Come because He Who was the Beginning, will also be the End.

Let the consciousness of this sink in and overwhelm you, and Worship Him for  Who He IS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Moving On

Places carry with them an atmosphere; a level of expectation.

As church-goers go to their churches their expectations run along certain lines.
Every church is different and calls forth a different expectation.
The trouble is that our expectation automatically channels us in a certain direction.

We expect a certain type of meeting...certain music...certain message...a certain congregational response, and these things become ruts and bind us so that we never move beyond the atmosphere that surrounds us.

We are satisfied and we are stuck.
We cease to grow and we cease to advance...everything is predictable and everything is tasteless.
God calls us onward but the music of our own activities deafens us.

God is infinite and He calls us to Himself move beyond our atmosphere.
Like Moses we need to stand on the mountain and gaze upon the land which HE sets before us...a land of "far horizons,"a land where the "king in His beauty" is seen Is. 33.17

Earth and the heavens await a people who are free... a people who are able to walk in the freedom of limitless horizons...a people who in their walking will show forth the marvelous Light of a World where the God of freedom dwells.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

To Know

"If thou knewest"  (Jn. 4.10)... and then She Knew!

She was Blessed with a quickened recognition within ... and it was the difference between Life and Death.

Down through the years of Sin and fruitless Searching...
down through the years of Darkness, Destruction and the enemy's Mockery...
down through the years of Emptyness and Devastation...
through the years of Suffering without Hope...
and throughout all years of Darkness with never a glimmer of Light...
there was, within her, the power to recognise the Answer.

And when He, the Answer, came she KNEW.

In  an instant everything in her whole existence was changed.
Darkness and Destruction were gone forever, taking with them
the years of Pain, and endless Despair.

All things became New.

Without another word she turned and with her soul aflame, she fled back to the scene of her misguided years.
She returned to the place of her former despair and shame.
There in the place of her sorrows, from an overflowing heart, she spoke to the ones who had shared her shame and hopelessness.

"Come...see a Man."
She didn't try to explain or convince - she had Seen ... and she invited them to See.

It speaks to me, to us...

"If thou knewest"...

He, the Answer, would speak to us on so many levels.
He would have us to k
now on so many levels.
For us too He has "many things to say."(Jn. 8.26)

He speaks to find recognition within us...beyond the things that clutter our lives.
He would have us also to know the length and depth of His love and compassion...
He would that we also know a Recognition of His care and His healing within and without...
and a  seeing of His provision for all our Days and all our Ways. 

His Desire is to carry us as Israel, on eagle's wings to our life's Destination.