Friday, April 30, 2021

The Way Forward

 We are forever looking for "spiritual secrets,"
and searching in vain.

God's way is too Simple to be attractive ...
    too Hard to appeal to human nature, ...
        too Exclusive of man's collaboration.

Isaiah begins his prophesy speaking of "the Lord alone."
    This "aloneness" of God is the beginning and the ending of all.
It was God alone in creation.
    It was God alone in the lives of the patriarchs.
        It was God alone in the prophets, and apostles.
With the passing years the secret has been lost
    - God is no longer central in our midst,
        and we are left with chaos and confusion.

God not only desires to be the Source and Center of all,
but He will have it no other way.

What God says is Absolute, but we have changed it - we have 'touched the ark.'
"Except the Lord" (Ps. 127.1) is a phrase which can be written over everything .
    That which is not done by God is merely a passing emptiness.

Until the church recognizes "God alone" she has no future.
    Until the individual sees "God alone" all is vain.

We must seek "God alone" because all is from Him, and in Him, and to Him.
    Here is all sufficiency for today and all our tomorrows.

"Ye shall seek Me, and find Me" (Jer. 29.13)
    It is not difficult to understand the words,
        but it is very difficult to put them into practice.
            Do we find intensity in our seeking God alone?
            Do we lean hard on the Holy Spirit's help?
            If we do then we will find in Him the object of our seeking.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hope as Night Falls

What hope is there for us?

    There is every hope if we find God - and there is no hope if we miss Him.

It's serious: The laws of God are eternally fixed - forever unchangeable.

It is a sad thing to see the values of the world invading the church.
It is a sad thing when the immutable is thought to be changeable.
It is a sad thing when the Word of God is interpreted by man in the light of earthly things.

It is a sad thing when the blind are leading the blind,
    when they have never ever really "seen" with their hearts,
        and when spiritual discernment has never crossed the horizons of those who point the way

It is a sad thing when "Ministry" has nothing to do with God working.
    When meetings are like pre-schoolers putting on a show.
        When "prophets" are like children crying in the night.
            When "vision" is a sharing of deliriums.
                When everything is trite and sterile prattling.
It is sad when men set up an organization and call it a "ministry"
and then seek to promote it through offering participation to donors.

How does God feel about all this?

There will be a time when earth and heaven will flee before the face of He Who sits upon the throne. (Rev. 20.11) and the verse continues, saying, "and there was no place found for them."
    Before that great day comes there will be a Day in which the Lord comes in shaking.
   there will no place for the structure of today. 

It will be a day of unimaginable destruction for a complacent world.

It will be a day of utter destruction for a church corrupted before the eyes of Almighty God.

When Moses asked to see the Glory of the Lord (Ex.33.19) God told him,
    "I will make all my goodness pass before thee."

This is the essence of Who God is.

What is man, what am I, what are we,
    before that measureless intensity of the purity of that Infinite Good?
    How could Moses, or any man, look on God and his human flesh resist the sight?

Earth and heaven will flee before Him, and every man generated thing will perish.
    Before that Presence man's plans and projects will wither,
        man's paltry interpretations will be no more,
            man's making of sermon's, music, songs, and solos will fade away.

The only response possible will be that of Isaiah, "Woe is me
    ... mine eyes have seen the KING...
        ... the Lord of Hosts."

Before the Infinite all the finite must disappear,
    and the soul find itself naked before Him,
        and prostrate at His Presence.

This, and this only, is the place where any true relationship with God begins,
   and only here faith has a ground to stand upon.
    It must be God or Nothing.
    It must be God ALL-FILLING,
    or UTTER EMPTINESS - there is no other possibility.

As darkness advances over our earth, over our generation,
    may our longing lead us to lay aside stupidities
        and to seek and to find the KING.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What Does God Say?

What is the essence of the gospel message?
    Where is the Center?
        Where is the meaning?

Today, as in the days of Jesus, there is so much clutter,
    so much noise of the machinery of man's self-generated beliefs,
        and the perpetuation of man's projects.
            Yet we find a simple unveiling in the gospels.

We find it very clearly in the story of the woman at the well in John 4.
    A woman without qualification of race,
        without clarity of understanding.

Hers was a life destroyed, but a life that having tried other fountains,
    and knowing the falseness of their promise,
        turned with a sure spiritual instinct to the Truth.

How simply she came.
    How direct were her words.
        How sure was her direction.
            How quickly she perceived.
                How quickly she believed.
                    How quickly she received.

Nicodemos, with all his study, questioned "how" God could do His work.
    She only asked how to come to God,
        and sought God's coming to her.

Her question rings true for us today,   
    "How are we to worship -to come and prostrate ourselves before God?"
        "What is the essence beyond all the external?"
            "How can I Come?"

Her statement "Messiah will tell us all things,"
expresses a total conviction of God's ableness.
    The question is:
    "How can I hear?'"
No more is needed than this -
    to find, beyond place or form, an encounter in spirit,
        to hear the One Whose words are Life for all our being.

Here she found the Answer to her questions.
Here she found the Life she sought.
Here she knew the  release of the ever sufficient Fountain.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Reposting: What is a Prophet

What is a Prophet?

The prophet is one who has faced the unchangeable realities of the spiritual world and who has lost his earthly values.
He sees himself, like John, as a voice in a desert world.
He is one who has caught a heavenly vision 
which renders everything of earth opaque.

His vision of God makes him acutely aware of that which is not of God -
and so he hurts and burns for the state of an apostate church which presents itself as needing nothing.
As he sees man seeking a glory which is God's alone - he burns.
As he sees man hewing a way where God's demands have been removed - he burns.
He sees a church built on the principles of secular business, numbers and influence - and he burns. 

A prophet is not self-appointed, or appointed by man.
A prophet is not self-anointed to the task - rather he is called from on High.
The prophet is not clueless regarding the true state of things around him.  -
rather he sees them from Another Perspective. 
The true prophet knows nothing of a way of easy attainment.
His ministry has been found at the cost of a total surrender of every area of his life to the Almighty.

A prophet will not lower the standard of a Holy God,
nor will he make the Way easier.

He has no need of an "echo chamber" of praise from his fellows.
He dangles no fairy-tale promises before his hearers.
He does not confuse a man made way of unending gifts and blessings,
with the high demands of the way of God's dealings.

He does not fish for "support" for his person or his ministry.
His "gift" is not for sale.
He has no need of "followers" nor of "partners."
He seeks no praise of man, nor any recognition of earth.

He has felt the Wonder, and the Beauty, and the Burning, of Reality.
He has seen Realms beyond the earthly, 
and things of earth now hold no value to him.
He walks through this world as through a foreign country -
as one who can never be satisfied with that which surrounds him.

As Moses said ... would God that all the LORD'S people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them! (Num. 11.29)

As children of Light we can all share a degree of prophetic vision.

"Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." (Jn. 16.24)

Friday, January 29, 2021

Let Thy Work Appear

 "Let Thy work appear."

These are the words of Moses at the end of Psalm 90  
 -the only psalm he wrote.

This is the last great cry in the psalm of the man
    who was emptied of all human abilities in the desert for forty years,
        who confronted Pharoah and the Red Sea,
            who saw the power of God outpoured,        
                who led Israel for forty more years in the desert.
This was the man who, before he died, viewed the dimension of the land of promise.

Maybe Moses learned to pray this prayer in his desert years,
    maybe it was repeated time after time throughout the years.
        "Let Thy work appear" as he stood before Pharoah,
            as he stood before the waters of the unyielding sea,
                as he faced the hunger and thirst in the desert,
                    as he carried the burden of Israel upon him.

    For us, in our day, in our lives,
    it is a cry for the things we have hoped and yearned for,
    the things we have dreamed of and dimly seen as we look Godward.
It is a prayer to be prayed again and again -
    until we see the meaning of the words,
        until we feel that meaning,
            until it becomes a flame within,
                a driving passion to see the Kingdom come.
            This is the battle of Life -
            not just to believe in the unseen
            but to see it manifest in our lives, our times, our world.

                        "Let Thy work appear."

Monday, January 18, 2021


We are surrounded by so many voices,
    everybody seems to be voicing their opinion.
        and yet there is so little substance.
How we need a true view of our present state.

On the other end of everything written are the readers.
    Everything we read, hear and experience is interpreted instantly,
        in the light of our feelings, culture, experience and education
            - the biases of our lives.
It takes a conscious effort to rid ourselves of these things,
    and to see with fresh eyes and a free spirit what lies before us.
        It takes a conscious effort to free ourselves from the world of our existence,
            to shut out the voices around us
                and hear the voice of God fresh from heaven.

Let us go to the book of Acts, chapter 27
    Here is the story of Paul,
        and here is  the world,
            and here the rapidly unfolding record of our day.
                It is a journey to destruction.
The central and sublime moment of the record
    is when Paul declares,
        "I believe God."

What must it have been to be there that day in that ship,
    helpless in the grip of the winds,
        the darkness of days without sun or moon,
            the throwing overboard of everything superfluous.

Overboard also was hope,
    "all hope...was taken.away."
Forget the destination - they had no hope for life.

At that moment,
    greater than the ship,
        greater than the darkness,
            greater than the storm,
God spoke to Paul - and Paul spoke to the travelers.

There may have been other ships, other travelers, caught up in the storm,
    but the word was to those who traveled with Paul,
        to those who were able to hear the Word of the Lord.

Four times the bible states,
    "To day if ye will hear His voice." (Ps. 95.7, Heb. 3.7, 3.15, 4.7)
If there is one thing needed in our day, and in our midst,
    it is to hear the true voice of God,
        utterly beyond, infinitely beyond, all other voices that we have ever known.
"The Lord ALONE shall be exalted in that day" declares Isaiah (2.11, 2.17)
in a preface to the following 64 amazing chapters.

Today our civilization wallows midst the waves, headed for destruction.
    But God abides and controls all.
When man's pride and glory is abased "God alone" will speak and bring His own to a safe place.

Whatever revival we envision will be in the context of a judgement
    which will leave us naked of the Babel towers of sufficiency and pride which we have built.
                When "God alone" is exalted He will be known as He is.
                and the tempest and destruction will be our portion no more.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

That which Endures


"Thou art God."

With these words the disciples commenced their prayer in Acts 4.
This was their affirmation when the authorities of Israel rose up against the gospel message,
    and began to persecute the new born church.
All the disciples prayer was built upon this fact,
    until at the end of their prayer "the place was shaken." (Acts 4.31)

It is a declaration of faith.
...It is a rejection of the authority of the earthly.
    - which has rejected the authority of the heavenly.
 It is a declaration of that which is Unshakeable.

Now, while we are living in broken nations in a broken world,
    is time to have something to hold onto when the visible is no more to be counted on.

                   Life is not defined by that which is of earth.
                   Life is about the triumph of the Unseen.