Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hope as Night Falls

What hope is there for us?

    There is every hope if we find God - and there is no hope if we miss Him.

It's serious: The laws of God are eternally fixed - forever unchangeable.

It is a sad thing to see the values of the world invading the church.
It is a sad thing when the immutable is thought to be changeable.
It is a sad thing when the Word of God is interpreted by man in the light of earthly things.

It is a sad thing when the blind are leading the blind,
    when they have never ever really "seen" with their hearts,
        and when spiritual discernment has never crossed the horizons of those who point the way

It is a sad thing when "Ministry" has nothing to do with God working.
    When meetings are like pre-schoolers putting on a show.
        When "prophets" are like children crying in the night.
            When "vision" is a sharing of deliriums.
                When everything is trite and sterile prattling.
It is sad when men set up an organization and call it a "ministry"
and then seek to promote it through offering participation to donors.

How does God feel about all this?

There will be a time when earth and heaven will flee before the face of He Who sits upon the throne. (Rev. 20.11) and the verse continues, saying, "and there was no place found for them."
    Before that great day comes there will be a Day in which the Lord comes in shaking.
   there will no place for the structure of today. 

It will be a day of unimaginable destruction for a complacent world.

It will be a day of utter destruction for a church corrupted before the eyes of Almighty God.

When Moses asked to see the Glory of the Lord (Ex.33.19) God told him,
    "I will make all my goodness pass before thee."

This is the essence of Who God is.

What is man, what am I, what are we,
    before that measureless intensity of the purity of that Infinite Good?
    How could Moses, or any man, look on God and his human flesh resist the sight?

Earth and heaven will flee before Him, and every man generated thing will perish.
    Before that Presence man's plans and projects will wither,
        man's paltry interpretations will be no more,
            man's making of sermon's, music, songs, and solos will fade away.

The only response possible will be that of Isaiah, "Woe is me
    ... mine eyes have seen the KING...
        ... the Lord of Hosts."

Before the Infinite all the finite must disappear,
    and the soul find itself naked before Him,
        and prostrate at His Presence.

This, and this only, is the place where any true relationship with God begins,
   and only here faith has a ground to stand upon.
    It must be God or Nothing.
    It must be God ALL-FILLING,
    or UTTER EMPTINESS - there is no other possibility.

As darkness advances over our earth, over our generation,
    may our longing lead us to lay aside stupidities
        and to seek and to find the KING.

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