Friday, April 30, 2021

The Way Forward

 We are forever looking for "spiritual secrets,"
and searching in vain.

God's way is too Simple to be attractive ...
    too Hard to appeal to human nature, ...
        too Exclusive of man's collaboration.

Isaiah begins his prophesy speaking of "the Lord alone."
    This "aloneness" of God is the beginning and the ending of all.
It was God alone in creation.
    It was God alone in the lives of the patriarchs.
        It was God alone in the prophets, and apostles.
With the passing years the secret has been lost
    - God is no longer central in our midst,
        and we are left with chaos and confusion.

God not only desires to be the Source and Center of all,
but He will have it no other way.

What God says is Absolute, but we have changed it - we have 'touched the ark.'
"Except the Lord" (Ps. 127.1) is a phrase which can be written over everything .
    That which is not done by God is merely a passing emptiness.

Until the church recognizes "God alone" she has no future.
    Until the individual sees "God alone" all is vain.

We must seek "God alone" because all is from Him, and in Him, and to Him.
    Here is all sufficiency for today and all our tomorrows.

"Ye shall seek Me, and find Me" (Jer. 29.13)
    It is not difficult to understand the words,
        but it is very difficult to put them into practice.
            Do we find intensity in our seeking God alone?
            Do we lean hard on the Holy Spirit's help?
            If we do then we will find in Him the object of our seeking.

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