Saturday, August 12, 2023



Ninety percent of our strongly held opinions are unchanged and untouched by any external things

- no matter what those opinions are based upon.

As humans we always cling to the status of our surroundings, 

and we tend to discard automatically whatever would upset our comfort. 

Voices and opinions go on unceasingly,

and we only look to the past in order to interpret the future.

How hard it is to look for truth beyond our feelings and the prejudices of our society.

How hard it is to take a step back and, letting go of feelings, 

let ourselves weigh all surrounding things.

Let us ask:

Where are we living?

What is the State of our Society, our world, today?

As we look at life we must start from the basis that “in the beginning God…”

and so recognize that Everything is Spiritual.

God made a Creation which was Ordered and Established.

   But beside God’s creation there is also,

     for lack of a better word, an Anti Creation;

          a world whose author is the Evil One 

          and whose end is Destruction and Disorder and Death.

There exists, in the midst of these two kingdoms, a third kingdom.

It is a kingdom of mankind which gives its allegiance either to

The Kingdom of God or the kingdom of the enemy.

For most of our world's history nations have given lip service to the laws of the Kingdom of God.

But now as nations, through those who represent us, those who make our laws, and those who teach our children, we have set a course against the law of God.

And when this happens, and a nation, acting as a whole, 

takes upon itself to deny and abolish the underlying 

eternal laws and principles of God for  civilization, 

then God judges that disobedience, and there is no escaping.

The state of things on earth is Always, and Only, the Outworking of the Spiritual,

And the state of our society is always the state of our spiritual condition.

Beyond a shadow of doubt world society is now in a state of decay

I have heard the argument that the nation has had rough times before, 

times of corruption and decadence,

but always recovered and come back, 

perhaps even stronger than before.

The difference this time is that not only is there decadence but 

acting as a nation we have done what has never been done before, 

we have changed the laws of God.

The values of the past have been forgotten, to be replaced by an implementation of conduct based on our likes and dreams rather than factual reality.

Today is different from days gone by.

Again, behind all the Seen is the Unseen -  and when God lifts His Protecting Hand

the enemy comes to destroy all order and all life..

Decay can be charted on a graph…

     it is always the same progression -, 

     for the individual or for nations.

The decline starts imperceptibly, and falls with an ever increasing speed to total dissolution.

     Our civilization is not at the beginning of this inexorable, implacable process, 

          rather we are far into the speeding curve - and there is no way back for us.

               Decay is always terminal.

Can we really believe that our nation, the society in which we dwell, 

has indeed turned from God and His laws 

casting them aside to establish another way?

If it is so, then our judgment is certain.

How does God see a nation that:

     Accepts man’s sin with man?

          Allows man’s gender distortions?

               Accept  blanket applications of racial discrimination and guilt?

                    Allows our “capitalism” to be distorted into robbery

                    by monopolistic control in government and market?

                         How does God see our changing education into indoctrination,

                         transforming innocence into degeneracy?

                              What is it when medicine has become a tool for fleecing entire nations

                              and imprisoning through fear.

                                    What is it when poverty becomes a weapon against anyone who may have more?

                                         What is it when wars are provoked and fought because of grudge and greed?

Are these not the sins of our nations?

Can God restrain judgment?

Has God changed today?


The answer is, I believe self evident. 

The jailer in Philippi questioned, “What must I do…?”

For him the question had to do with his salvation -

For us it has to do with all our Living, our Families, and our Future.

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: 

for I am God, and there is none else.” Is. 45:22

There is no other way, there is no other Salvation.

It is not merely prayer, as we commonly understand it -

It is something deeper than the bringing of our words and thoughts to God.

     It is prayer measured not by Time, - but by Intensity.

It is a turning from all other knowledge and ability.

     It is a gazing with our whole being’s energies until we see,

          It is a Returning again and again and yet again.

               It is a gazing until the things of earth no longer dictate our vision,

                     and we behold our God, and the Path He has for us to tread.

          Only so are we Free from the decay that rules on earth - 

                    Free to see and to live in the Light of God.