Friday, December 18, 2020

The KIngdom

"Thy Kingdom come."

It is a Displacing of the Earthly with the Heavenly.
    "It is a coming "out of" and a coming "into."

It is a looking at everything with the eyes of the spirit alone.
    It is a freedom from earth's fetters,
        from man's mental programming and society's norms.

It is the life of the eagle in the pathless realms of open, unbounded space.

    It is to "go up to the mountain of the Lord." (Is. 2.3)
        It is to view all things from the top of that mountain.
            It is to find Freedom - to be "Free Indeed."

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Another World

 There is a World of God -
     and a World of Mankind.

In between stands:
    The Distance
        The Separation:

How much man can confuse the things he sees,
    experiences, and perceives,
        with the Reality of the Kingdom
            which man's abilities can never approach.
And we add to that the fact that we,
    "like sheep have gone astray ... turned every one to his own way."
There is a Hurt in the separation between God's Life
    and man's comprehension of that Life.
Even in the best of cases - as Job says,
    "how little a portion is heard of Him." (Job 26.14)
Those who have heard "a little portion" feel that hurt,
    and a stirring of pain in the depths within
        as their eyes are open to see what IS and what COULD BE.
        We start to have a picture of the world around us,
            and to see that without God
                all is twisted and destroyed without hope of remedy.

And through it all there comes a call,
a desire to know God as He is.
    God asks nothing else of us.
        There is nothing else necessary.
To be with God is to leave the world behind,
    to soar above all that pollutes and destroys.
It is to know the meaning of Freedom from the Fear which walks the world of men.

It is Freedom to Live and move in a sphere "beyond" -
    beyond the restrictions of man's society, and all man's dreams.
We tend to see ourselves as unaffected by the world around.
But as an old spiritual declared "It's me Oh Lord."
    and it is me who needs day by day the Presence of God
        to deliver from the power of the darkness which works throughout this world.
            and to make me truly live.
                      Jer 33:3 says:
                      "Call unto me, and I will answer thee,
                           and shew thee great and mighty things,
                               which thou knowest not."