Friday, August 20, 2021

It is Too Late to Turn Back the Clock

  It is Too Late to Turn Back the Clock
 God created the world with a purpose,
 and He gave each one of us life for a purpose.
 Like Samson our generation, our church,
 has fallen asleep,
 the strength has been shorn,
 and the enemy is upon us.
 This is not a "maybe" thing.
 It is Inevitable.
 It is Inexorable.
 It is too late to correct.
 Our fate is sealed.
 There is no going back to yesterday.
 The time of sowing has given place to the time of reaping.
 "The summer is past"...

"Collapse" defines a time when Nothing is left as it was.
 All that has been built, and cared for through generations,
 is being swept away by the wave of new radical change.
 We are not at the End of a process,
 we are at the Beginning of destruction of all that society held dear.
 Augustine wrote his book "The City of God" when the Roman empire was collapsing.
 Rome was to disappear under the tides of time,
 but the city (kingdom) of God would remain unchanged.
      So today,
      so with our earthly kingdoms.
 It is too late for the "macro world" around us.
 Our prayer can only avail for the "Micro world" -
 our own lives, our families lives, the lives of those we love.
 The light shines brighter in the darkness,
 and it for us to Arise, Shine ...for the Light and the Glory of God are promised for this hour.
 God will always care for His own.
 He is the One Who led His people out of Egypt...By Night when the light was no more.
 He is the One Who prepared a place for the woman, the church, to flee in Rev.12.6
 "A place prepared of God"
 He is the God of preparation and His own are never at the mercy of what surrounds them.

NOW is the time to, "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold ...." 1Tim 6.19

Would that I could tell it as I see it,
that we might step out of ALL that surrounds us and find OUR Place in God.