Monday, June 5, 2017

Where the Spirit Moves

The realm of the Spirit of God is so hidden from us humans.

The things we talk about, and the things we live, belong to different realms - and the essence has been lost.

Look at what we define as "Praise"...
True praise is not about finding the right words, the right music, together with the right music team, in order to get the congregation to sing with gusto.
This does not fit the definition of praise.

Praise is a spiritual thing - or it is nothing!
Praise is the expression of the Spirit of God in His children.
Praise lies in our Recognition of God...let me repeat that...Praise is our Recognition of God.

Austin Sparks once said years ago, that in the church we say, 
"Let us sing hymn number xxx". 
And he said, what we should say is, "Let us put God in the place which corresponds to Him, and the enemy in the place which corresponds to him, through the singing of hymn number xxx."
What a difference between empty words and music, and that which is a declaration of faith inspired by the Spirit.

There is no true praise unless I see God, and come to Him with all my heart, and soul and strength.

Let us take it a step further.
There is no spiritual Illumination unless I see it in God.
There is no Faith except I receive it from God.
There is no Life except it flow fresh to me from God.

Just as the breath I drew yesterday is valueless to maintain life today, so also God's portion of yesterday was for that day. 
Today I need a new portion in order to be quickened.
Without God everything is Nothing.

The Spirit of God moved over the waters in creation...if we seek the Spirit to move over our lives he will be found, and we will truly live.