Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What Does God Say?

What is the essence of the gospel message?
    Where is the Center?
        Where is the meaning?

Today, as in the days of Jesus, there is so much clutter,
    so much noise of the machinery of man's self-generated beliefs,
        and the perpetuation of man's projects.
            Yet we find a simple unveiling in the gospels.

We find it very clearly in the story of the woman at the well in John 4.
    A woman without qualification of race,
        without clarity of understanding.

Hers was a life destroyed, but a life that having tried other fountains,
    and knowing the falseness of their promise,
        turned with a sure spiritual instinct to the Truth.

How simply she came.
    How direct were her words.
        How sure was her direction.
            How quickly she perceived.
                How quickly she believed.
                    How quickly she received.

Nicodemos, with all his study, questioned "how" God could do His work.
    She only asked how to come to God,
        and sought God's coming to her.

Her question rings true for us today,   
    "How are we to worship -to come and prostrate ourselves before God?"
        "What is the essence beyond all the external?"
            "How can I Come?"

Her statement "Messiah will tell us all things,"
expresses a total conviction of God's ableness.
    The question is:
    "How can I hear?'"
No more is needed than this -
    to find, beyond place or form, an encounter in spirit,
        to hear the One Whose words are Life for all our being.

Here she found the Answer to her questions.
Here she found the Life she sought.
Here she knew the  release of the ever sufficient Fountain.


  1. I never thought to contrast the "theologian" in John 3 with the simple seeker in John 4. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Matthew 11:25 "I thank you Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from those who think they are wise and clever, and revealing them to the childlike."

  2. I think our ability to receive from God in a spiritual sense is in direct proportion to our spiritual needs.

  3. Timeless

    The Spirit lives in Ageless Place
    Where Love has conquered Time and Space

    Free from bonds of past pursuits
    As innocent, eternal youths.

    When mysteries of life conceal
    Heaven's messengers reveal

    Memories and hopes combined
    By Author of suspended time

    That we might do with joy on earth
    The works prepared before our birth

    End is beginning, beginning is End
    Endless Time begins again.

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    May God always bless you:as you take us through the mysteries of God from time to time!