Friday, December 24, 2021

We Meet Him in a Stable

I don't know what day of the year Jesus was born,

    but symbolically it must have been Christmas -

        the time of the year with least light,

            least life,

                and most cold.


Was thinking this morning,

"all God's children must be born in a stable."

The stable was not a dwelling for man - it was a place "beyond."

    Man always seeks Him in the familiar, safe, places of his own living -

        but this word "beyond" rings within me now. 

Jesus life was a life "beyond" -

    until at the last He left this earth in a place beyond the city,

         beyond the dwellings and pathways of men.


When His earthly life had ended, 

    the angel had to say to Mary "He is not here." 

He had gone beyond death. 


We celebrate Jesus coming -

but do we realize His birth was the beginning of Him "emptying Himself?"

    And as we come to Him we can only come 

    empty of all that this world has given us.

If we are to really find Him we will find Him in the place beyond all

   that we have surrounded ourselves with in this transitory world.


We will meet Him if we come to the stable.

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