Monday, January 3, 2022


A New Year!
A God Who makes all things New!
And where are we?

"Thy Kingdom come."
    When God comes His Kingdom comes. 
God came to Wales in 1904.
After a time of intense seeking of God a pastor, Joseph Jenkins,
    was conscious of a a quickening visitation of the Holy Spirit
        which changed his awareness of God and changed his ministry.
Later, at the beginning the year 1904, a teen-age girl was converted
    and when in a youth meeting the pastor asked 
"What does Jesus mean to you?"
    she rose to her feet and with trembling emotion said,
"I love Jesus  with all my heart" 
    and with those words earth felt the impact of heaven.
In that chapel the presence of God became real,
    tears began to fall,
        and from that chapel revival streams began to flow -
            until Wales was shaken by the power of God,
                until meetings were alive with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit,
                    until lives were changed 
                        and the glory of God was revealed in hearts.
I am afraid that in our time 
most of those who speak of revival
have little or no idea of what they are talking about
- neither in the pew nor the pulpit.
Beyond the subject of revival,
    even among those who give it lip recognition,
        it seems that 99% of us
            have barely the slightest idea of the place 
                which the enduement of the holy Spirit should have in ministry
                    and in life.
Let's forget our words and terminology,
    and let us in this new year seek the Lord
        until He meets us - in fresh revelation and fresh enduement. 
            May we be able to say at the end of the year,
                       "I have found something New -
                               I have found God"

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