Wednesday, January 5, 2022


The clock is ticking on our new year...
    one percent of its span has receded behind us already
        the remaining percentage advances,
            and we cannot delay its march.

Everything goes back to the spiritual...

    The spiritual forces are the real forces which rule.

In the midst of the tumult the question is,
    can we read the writing on the wall for our generation?

If God allowed Jerusalem to be destroyed,
    and not one stone of the temple was left upon another,
        can we escape the same fate?
Are our sins less than theirs?
    Is our self delusion less than theirs?
        Is our spiritual blindness and pride too great for us to see what awaits?

World peace came to an end with the first worldwide war
 - and turmoil has roiled the world in the century since.
    Now in the the ocean of time another wave rolls in upon us all,
    and we need the God given gift of sight for the days which await us.
Three things we need:     
    To read the writing on the wall regarding the world. 
        To read the writing regarding our own selves.
            To know the Word and will of God for ourselves.
    Now is the time to make the Lord's prayer our own
        and to seize hold of the words "Thy kingdom come" 
            until they resound within us,  and rise to heaven 
                as the cry of creation for its God.

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