Thursday, September 16, 2021

Another World

Years ago I heard a woman telling of her experience when she suffered a stroke     ... She realized somehow that her mind was disconnected from her body -
        nothing made sense, words had no meaning and all was reduced to a senseless gibberish.
She was unable to lay hold on the world which surrounded her.
    She found the terror of a disconnect between herself and the world she had known.

As I look around the world today this seems to be a good description for what is happening.
    The logic of the functioning world of yesterday is no more.
        Words are mere sounds in the air.
In place of connection we have a disconnect with all that makes sense.

Isaiah says (45.18)
    "God himself ... formed the earth ... He created it not in vain,
        He formed it to be inhabited."
It is a terrible thing when man seeks to create his own world.
    It is a terrible thing when God comes to judge.
        It is a terrible thing when all that makes sense is taken away.
            It is a terrible thing to lose everything which makes for a habitable world.
                It is a terrible thing when building has given place to destruction.

The things swallowed by the past years are now seen as a desirable
    replacement for that which has been built by the generations since.
The "Blood, sweat and tears" offered by Garibaldi to his followers in their fight,
    and offered again by Churchill in the hour of resistance, are no more.
And we are offered in their stead imaginary things.
    We are offered things which have no foundation because they are mirages.

A world falling apart is a world destroyed.
    God, and man's, enemy sees his purpose of destruction being fulfilled.
This generation has built until the underlying clay has given way.
        Our lusts have led us to a place where there is no future.

But,there is another Truth,
    and over against this picture, there sounds forth a Word -
        Eternal, Immutable.
            There is yet, in the midst of chaos, One Who says, "I will build..."
Oh, if we could only catch a glimpse of that infinite promise.

If we could only see a realm Beyond.
    Beyond all that belongs to time,
        and beyond the frustration of trying to build with perishing things.
        Would we could know in reality what it is to be free from all entanglements.
            Would that we could know the Eternal Purpose,
                and the Eternal Power to see it accomplished.
                    Would we could leave all else behind,
                        and find ourselves in finding God.

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