Tuesday, March 5, 2019


"Where is the way where light dwelleth?" (Job. 38.19)

God's question to Job is the question beyond all questions.
     God's Life is the light of mankind. (Jn. 1.4)
          God Himself is Light. (1 Jn. 1.5) 

Only Light can bring us to Light.
     Only God can bring us to God.

The measure of Light within us cries out for more Light.
The soul seeks to escape the imprisonment of darkness,
and cries from the surrounding death, 
for a light and a life which beckons us on in God.
God is our never ending need.

Life sometimes seems very complicated, but really there are only two possibilities, only two worlds - 
     a world of Light and Life,
          and a world of Darkness and Death. 

     Jesus came to "reconcile all things" (Col. 1.20,
     to make right all that is not right.

There is a hurt of longing in God.
There is a hurt of longing in His children. 

The emptiness of this world,
     and the emptiness of our lives,
          can only be filled by God.
               Until God fills, the emptiness hurts, and hurts.

Who is God? What can God do?
How can my life, my experience, my lack, be reconciled with the Life of God?

It is longing which will bring me to God.
     It is the measure of my longing which God will fill.

It is a longing for the healing of this world's hurt which will enable us to reach the need of the world.
The dominion of the enemy will not be overcome by our strength so much as by the outpouring of  the weakness of our insufficiency before God.

The more we come to Him, the more we find in Him, the answer to all our needs.