Monday, March 11, 2019

Faith's True Path

Our experience while living in this world leads us to abbreviate processes.
For instance we form a judgement about something and, without questioning, allow that to install itself in our minds as the foundation from which we judge everything else.
We do it in our daily lives only to find out, perhaps years later, that the ground of our judgement was mistaken, and all our conclusions were untrue.

We do it too in our spiritual lives when it comes to God's word.
Often we read a passage and form a superficial appraisal of its meaning;
or we unquestioningly swallow what we have been "taught" to be the meaning.

See this verse, "Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith." (Heb. 12.2)
It is easy to look at this text and infer that the faith spoken of is our soul's salvation.
     Let us widen the context:
          Let us look not only at our soul's salvation,
               but at faith for every area of our lives. 

Faith is not something which is between us and the object of our faith.
     Faith is between us and the One Who brings to pass the thing believed. 

Two things happen in this process:
     Jesus honors our faith and brings to pass the thing believed.
     And looking unto Him we are transformed.

The lives of the great men of God have always been lives built on this kind of faith.
They were lives built on a great relationship with God.
     There is no other way.

Abraham, Moses, David and the prophets in the Old Testament,
Paul and John and others in the New Testament,
were all men with a close relationship to God.

Down through the history of the church the same holds true,
From the early martyrs, through the reformation and on to Mueller and others
the great have been those, who through looking unto Him, knew their God.

Peter saw Jesus - and walked over the waves.
Peter saw the waves - and began to sink.

Today so many things combine to try to apart our eyes from Jesus.
There are so many voices calling us to believe 
     that things once considered sin are now no longer sin,
          that broken, rancid, and discredited theories concerning the government of man's world are now miraculously true and valid.

Today these things churn at our feet and tower over our heads like the waves of the sea seeking to engulf us.

Many have spoken of a new revelation of Jesus which awaits the church in the last days.
The new revelation is a further unveiling of the original revelation.
It is a revelation of Jesus as the Author and Finisher.

He still walks over all, and "Looking unto Jesus" is still the one and only great Answer to All, and Forever.