Thursday, March 14, 2019

Turned Around

As time moves on things change - sometimes beyond recognition.
When I was a child it was common to hear the phrase, "a fallen world."
     The phrase is not so common now, 
          and with the passing of the phrase there has been a passing of awareness. 

Our lives need a God-given awareness of the state of things, and the pathway forward. 
What is God's message for us today and how does it come to us? 

It is hard to accept a message of judgement,
     but it is easy to accept a message of blessing.

The Bible prophets were austere men with an unyielding message,
men whose lives were weighted with tears and marked by rejection.

Today we seem to have a bunch of prophets with an ever ready smile, and a message of cheer - delivered to a cheering people.

The Bible prophets walked in pain and anguish.
     The modern prophets are feted with laughter.

The Bible prophets showed a way back to God through the bitterness of repentance.
     The new prophets encourage us to just believe more and to receive more.

The old prophets message was about giving God His due.
     The new prophets talks about receiving,
           and finding ever greater portions,
                handed out from a God Whose only purposes our increase.

God's message in the Old Testament was to the Meek, the Brokenhearted, and to those who were Bound. (Is. 61.1)

This is the starting place:
Meek, because conscious of what we are, and conscious of what we are not.
Brokenhearted, because we know that we are incapable of finding the answer.
Bound, because we are utterly incapable of delivering ourselves.

We hear so much talk about bringing God to people,
     but we don't hear so much talk about bringing people to God.

"Back to God" is the message for this hour.
     He, and He alone, is the sum of all our needs.
          As individuals, as families, as peoples, and as a world, 
               unless we find God, we Gain nothing and lose everything.

God's word endures unchanged:
"I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones." (Is 57.15)

Reviving is the end and contrition is the path.
The Infinite God dwelling within - 
     there is nothing greater, 
          nothing more glorious to be found by mortal man.

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