Wednesday, February 27, 2019


"Which holdeth our soul in life." (Ps. 66.9) 

Sometimes, looking at a verse, a statement in Scripture, one senses 
     something infinite in measure,
          something beyond what the eyes can see,
               something beyond the comprehension of the mind.
                    something which contains a never-ending "more."

Standing at the tip of South America and gazing northward there are mountains beyond mountains, extending for thousands of miles until there is no space left.
So with this verse, there is a limitlessness.
     It extends on and on through all the days of our life. 
          It starts at the beginning and knows no ending.

The inner essence of our existence is held by God Himself.
His hands, not our own, will carry us through.
     This is the ground of our confidence.
     This is the place of our rest.

Limitless Life surrounds us like an ocean which knows no measure.
He "holdeth our soul in life."
It is God's own Word, 
     "quick and powerful" (Heb 4.12)
          quickening with life, again and again -
               with that life which is infinite, and inexplicable. 

It is a dimension beyond our mind,
     beyond our emotions.
It is a  dimension which can only be known as it flows over the soul.