Sunday, February 3, 2019


Truth in the inward parts." (Ps.51.6)

Eyes that cannot see, are the rule of our world, not the exception.
Truth dwells in a deep place,
     - it is of the heart,
          perceived by the spirit,
               and God wills to bring us there.

To see without seeing seems to be the state of all mankind - not exception but rather the norm.
And to see is a gift of God which is rarely embraced.

How can one show that something which cannot be put in words?
It is impossible - but perhaps words can point the way toward that reality.

Sometimes reading the Bible, 
one is overwhelmed by the certainty of the message.

Sometimes in reading a book about God's working, 
one gets a glimpse of the essence,
a glimpse of the reality of the working.
It does not happen with every book - even with "good" ones,
but sometimes, the Spirit-quickened writer takes us to a place where we see for ourselves what he is pointing to.

The words did not cause us to experience the situation, 
but they were able to bring us to a contact with Truth.
     Something deeper than the mind was quickened,
          and something more important that the understanding was awakened. 

The truth God wants reveal to us is more profound than "understanding."
     It is the sudden opening of the eyes of the soul.
          It is what happens when the fog of earth is taken away,
               and one sees beyond all that surrounds,
                    and all that has to do with the appearance of things.

Truth is when Eternity melts the things of time, as the heat melts the ice,
- and deep, everlasting things are made bare.

Truth is in the inward parts -  Truth is the moment when Eternity stamps itself over all that is not eternal.
                   And Life is quickened beyond all earthly measure.


  1. I Thank the Lord for "Spirit- quickened" writers to point the way... Lord take the fog away and let Eternity melt the things of time!