Friday, February 8, 2019

To Pray

Years ago I used to travel to an area in the north of Argentina,
an area covered with dry forest - scrub trees, thorn trees, and giant cactus.

The whole district was known by a simple, descriptive title, "The Impenetrable,"
and if one left the beaten paths, progress was made by threading one's way among the untamed scrub.

Many times our pathway of prayer, our pathway to God, seems so similar to finding a path through the forest,
     nothing is clear.
          nothing is simple.
               obstacles abound,
                    hurt is plentiful, 
                         and no horizon is to be seen.

The obstacles of the forest could not  alter the fact that there was a destination awaiting at the end of the path.
Neither can the battles within and without change the fact that God awaits us at the end of our seeking Him.

The mind, and even the emotions, are merely points along the way, 
the journey is of the spirit, deep within. 
"I was in the Spirit" says John. (Rev 1.10)
All outside the Spirit is (like the law) a mere teacher, or "way-pointer" to help us to our goal.

Jesus word stands forever, "Seek and ye shall find." (Mt 7.7)
     Prayer, sometimes is about keeping on and on
          through countless obstacles, until we find.

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