Monday, February 11, 2019

Faith ... Prayer ... Substance

"Thy Kingdom come." (Mt 6.10)

What does the phrase mean here?

Can a Supplication become a Proclamation? 
Can a Prayer become a Prophesy? 

Why did Israel have to march around Jericho for seven days?
     Why did they surround the city seven times the last day of march?
          Was it because God is capricious?
              Or was it a process of finding an ever-increasing faith -
                   a Journey to a Fulfillment?

Why did some of the men God used in revival have to pray for years until one day, in one instant, everything changed?

Years ago in the north of Argentina the power of God descended while the scripture was being read, and throughout the gathered congregation there was a generalized cry as God met and answered people's needs?

Who could explain the amazement, the overwhelming of the senses when in a moment all of life was changed? 
What did the preacher feel as he saw his prayers answered?
What did the people feel when one reality was submerged beneath a Greater Reality?

Somehow in the midst of the process of prayer there is sometimes a quickening and the asking is changed to a declaring.

     Spiritual eyes are opened, faith takes hold, and nothing is impossible.