Sunday, February 3, 2019

A River Uncrossable

The years pass, and life like the sand in the hour-glass, passes.
This is why I try to pass on some of what I dimly glimpse, and can insufficiently express, of the immeasurable realm of God and His eternity.

"A river that I could not pass over."
"Waters to swim in."   (Ezek 47.5)

This is our God!
This is His river!

We have looked at the figure of the swimmer, but let us see the waters ... 
     here are Waters beyond waters. 
          Let us stand and wonder ...

Our swimming cannot exhaust the possibilities of the river.
Ezekiel says that he could not pass the river,
and further says , "A river that could not be passed over." (Ezek 47.5)
Now everyone is included - that is to say that no one could pass the limitless waters.

Words fail before the Infinite, the Measureless.
The limits of the flowing river of God's Life can never, ever be reached.

Sometimes from a height we can look all the way to the horizon, but always there is another panorama beyond ... and beyond.

      So it is when God illuminates the Word He has spoken.

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  1. Why does this bring tears from such a love to my eyes, Amen and Amen!