Thursday, February 14, 2019


Above all other needs, our need is for a vision of God.

Without a revelation, a quickening within, we wander in darkness 
     - in spite of all our going to church, 
          and all our so-called knowledge.

What is our mind, or our imagination, to find and to express Him?
     What are our words?
          What are our thoughts?

As Blake said, we "believe a lie" because we "see with, not through the eye."
The heart goes far beyond the mind.
Feelings go far beyond expression.

The horizons which exist in God are barely perceived here on earth.
We live too much in this world, and are too little aware of God's world.

Is it not an insufferable pride to think that the Infinite God can be understood within the limits of man's finite mind,
and that mere words can transmit true knowledge of Him?

Job, in his search for God declares, 
"Lo, these are parts [outskirts, fringes, edges] of His ways." (Job 26.14)
As Job, we need a revelation of the Infinite because the little realities of earth pile up until they become like mighty mountains.

A Vision of God is beyond all price.
     He is the One whose years have no end, 
          whose power has no end,
               whose love has no end.

God promised to show Jeremiah "great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." (Jer 33.3)
Beyond human knowledge are the "great," and the "mighty" things, 
and they extend infinite - and eternal.

In this world of mortality, we come to the end of our resources and hope dies. 
     We need desperately another Light 
          - the unveiling of another world;
               a world of Light and Faith. 

Oh, that we might, each of us, find in the depths of our being a cry, 
"Lord, open mine eyes to see You - Present and Infinite, in the Here and Now."

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