Sunday, May 26, 2019

Looking ... at Tragedy

I'm looking ...
Looking for God.
Looking for meaning.
Looking for something that makes sense.
Looking for a way forward in the midst of a world of confusion.

What do I see?
I see a church which is lost.
I see leaders who are lost.

I see preachers who cling to and emphasize past doctrines and interpretations,
without manna to meet the needs of a world around.
I see "prophets" who speak of a future, and declare it at the doors,
if not already upon us, 
incapable of seeing a world descending headlong into darkness.

One part of the church is on a mission to preserve "orthodoxy",
while another part of the church is on a mission to escape reality.

Neither of these two opposing groups seem to hear the cry of the Spirit,
nor sensing the burden of the times.

The "traditionalists" are with their heads in the sands, 
engaged in defense against any "new thing."

The new "prophets" are seeking only a new thing,
untethered to the age-abiding realities of the Bible's guidance and warnings.

Both traditionalists and "prophets" have their followers hanging, with open mouths and happy faces, upon their every word.

One group does not contemplate the fact that their orthodoxy is not bringing any change to the world around.
The other group does not see in spite of prophecies declared imminent and at the point of fulfillment for years,  
     we we still await, and live in a worsening world, 
          and a more fallen society by the day.

Knowing prophecies without knowing the times can only bring confusion and disillusionment.

Without the leading of the Spirit of God we are led either by our minds or by our emotions - and this is the reason for the state of the church of God today.

Is there revelation for today?
Is there a message of God for today?
Why then are we so caught up in man-generated schemes,
and trying to build a church with other words and another spirit?

Is the weariness, the scorn, the indignation and hurt of it all just something that I feel?
Or is the hurt of this wrong something felt by God?

Where is the Living Word in our midst?
How can we keep getting it all so wrong? 
Is it really so easy to miss the way, or have we been led astray by our own hearts desires?

Somehow in the midst of the multitude there must be a people whose hearts are calling them away from men's parades,
     men's dogmatism,
          men's pride.
There must be those whose hearts are calling them to reality,
     to a place where they are free to follow God alone, 
          and to hear His voice speaking in the midst of the confusion.


  1. This is where we are... Tragedy. But The Lord is still the hope of His people. I thank God for those who can still see and whose words still carry a sense of reality.