Friday, May 10, 2019

We Are Gone!


When things move beyond a certain point they cannot come back -
like the car driven over the cliff, there is no return.

We never like to recognize that things have escaped our control.
     We never like to face the passing of things we once held unchangeable.
          And yet, beyond our ability, or willingness to accept, things move on.
               The past never returns, and the broken remains broken,
                    unless God in mercy intervenes.

Man's world, man's government is "time sensitive," 
     and the steps taken cannot be retraced - 
          society's sins and mistakes are graven in stone.

Governments have forsaken consensus and accommodation.
     The rants and screams of the extremists prevail
          "Truce" has become synonymous with "betrayal."

The old harmonies necessary for government are ... Gone!
     And where the government is gone the nation is gone.

The voices which spoke warning, - Lester Sumrall, David Wilkerson, 
     and my father, among others - are silent, 
          and the prophets have gone to their reward.

Their voices were largely ignored by a church loathe to hear,
     but the truth they spoke is real,  
          and the word which was  ignored then, 
               falls in judgement upon us now.

Isaiah 60.2 is today - Darkness covers the nations today.

We see that there is no fixing some of the problem nations.
     But, do we see that there is no fixing any of our nations.
          The prophesied darkness is upon us ... tomorrow is here - now.

     We always like to look to the positive (we call it "faith".)
          And there are voices proclaiming "now is the day of revival."
               But the sun rises after the long hours of unmixed darkness.
                    There is no sunrise while the day is light

The Jewish day started at the falling of the night'
     but we want the full light of day without the night -
          without having to pass through a place unlit by answers.
We hear, "now is the day of revival," 
     but we don't hear about the night which must precede the daylight. 

It is too late to save society as a whole,
     but as individuals there is hope - if we are still able to hear, 
          and find within us the intensity we need to seek God.

Mediocrity and compromise is what has brought us to this place.
Intensity and single mindedness toward God is the only thing that can get any of us out.

Paul in his shipwreck received a promise:
"God hath given thee all them that sail with thee." (Acts 27.24)

How many we will be able to save from our shipwreck depends upon us. 

God help us to see with "spirit eyes," 
     and meet Him for the saving of those who travel with us.