Friday, May 3, 2019

Beyond Thee?

"Beyond thee" - they were the words of Jonathan to his young helper when he overshot him with his arrow. (1 Sam 20.37)
Today I am not thinking of the story of Jonathan and David,
but the phrase brings home a picture of spiritual life.

How many times one faces, or sees others face, 
     things "beyond" ones experience,
          ones knowledge,
               ones faith.

"Beyond thee," - The times when I cannot reach it no matter how hard I try.
     The times when my grasp comes up short,
          and when frustration is all that is left me.

"Beyond thee" - 
when my prayer meets my unbelief and dies in frustration.
"Beyond thee" - 
when God desires to take a meeting to a place beyond the leaders experience, 
and it is so hard to believe and not interrupt with words or a song.

There is a terrible finality in the words "beyond thee."
There is nothing, nothing at all, 
     that can cause it to be anything other than an absolute lack,
          an empty place which cannot be filled.

Maybe we are so used to a "teaching" which tries to convince us that all is taken care of, and all we have to do is relax and enjoy.
The sincere heart must feel that something is missing - something beyond.
     A realization that the millennium is not here already,
          and earth has not ceased to exert its power in, and around, our lives.

As I contact people, 
     I hear so much confusion,
          so little clarity,
               so little true vision and faith.

But beyond us there is a "large place" (Ps. 18.19) which God desires to lead all His children into.

There is a drawing from above which, would lift us up into realms which earth can know nothing about.
There is a "reaching forth" (Phil. 3.13) which God seeks in our lives, 
and on this basis alone we can move forward in Him, and go beyond.

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