Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Flesh and Spirit

My father used to tell about a member of a church which he pastored 
     coming once and again with a prayer, 
          "Lord teach us what is flesh and what is spirit, 
               Lord teach us how to bind and how to loose."

The first, and principle battle for the believer,
     is the battle to break loose from the realm of flesh we inherit, 
          and to find the realm of the  Spirit of God. 

Jesus spoke of the impossibility of a rich man entering into the kingdom of God,
and later explained to the disciples that only God could do it. (Mk. 10.25-27)
This applies to earthly riches, but we could say also that the man who thinks he possesses spiritual riches finds it impossible to lay them down - unless there is a real, intense working of God within him. 

Our "callings" and "gifts" so easily become things which "belong" to us, 
and we are so loathe to lay them down for the promise of that which we do not yet possess.

I believe it was Gregory Mantle who said words to the effect that there must be great renunciations before there can be great attainments in Christ.

God's world is infinite and "there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed." (Jos. 13.1)

True Light, true power, true authority and grace, 
     lie on the far side of total surrender.
God will do His work in our lives, and through our lives,
     when He alone fills all our vision, 
          and when He alone directs our steps.

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