Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Something for Jesus

Have you ever heard a voice within yourself saying, "Something for Jesus"?

It happened to me and it took me by surprise.
What is He looking for if all my human capacities are as nothing?
What do I have to give to Him?
What is the "something" which has value for Him?
What is the "something" man can give?

All through the Bible, man gives back to God that which God gives to Him 
- in Adam God looked for the confidence to give his free will to God, and Adam failed.
Ever since man has failed time after time in his trust in God.

"He that cometh to God must believe," (Heb. 11.6)
This is what God looks for from us in all the days of our lives.
A basic part of the life of the believer must be faith 
- and the enemy centers his attack on our faith.

  "Through faith they subdued kingdoms." (Heb. 11.33)
Interesting the word used, "subdued" ... not "conquered," not "overcome."
        "Subdued" - took away their power,
                          rendered them ineffective.

Can we lift our eyes above the earthly, and believe that all God's sowing from the time we first met Him is now at a harvest?

Can we believe that in the "now" of our days, the kingdoms, powers and circumstances that surround us be subdued under His kingship?
All other offerings we bring are empty if we cannot bring faith.
Can we offer Him faith?

All through our journey, as we travel, 'today and tonight, and tomorrow, 
and on through the months and the years,' may this be our constant offering:

                                   "Lord I believe."

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