Monday, January 7, 2019

A New Thing

"I will do a new thing". (Is. 43.19)

This is followed by, "a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert."

So this is the new thing - 
a way, a path, and an end to the tracklessness of the wastelands.
     It is an end to the frustration of lostness, and purposelessness.
     It is an end to the days without horizon or hope.
     It is an end to the progression of time without progress in life.

It is a pathway which leaves the old behind,
and gives a sure access to the new.
     It is direction and purpose.
     It is the way to new horizons and new habitations.
     It is the way to the place prepared - on earth and in heaven.

Rivers - it is the unmeasurable and ever-renewed supply which transforms the desert. 
     It is the full and overflowing measure of God's provision.
     It is the certainty of sufficiency for all the days of our lives.

God says, "I will do it."
Notice the word "even" - even a path, even rivers … 
     obstacles cleared away,
          provision unhindered.

How much greater than all the resources of the desert world around us.
How much greater than a suffering through, and scraping by, in the desert places.

"I will do a New Thing."


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