Sunday, January 20, 2019

Lifting Up

"I will lift up mine eyes." (Ps.101.1)

Lifting is always an effort.
Lifting always involves a weight -
an overcoming of the law of gravity.

Some lives carry burdens which seem beyond endurance, 
burdens for which earth can never find an answer.

Our challenge is to Look,
and the looking must always be "beyond" - 
     beyond everything that weighs down, 
          and everything which is impossible.

It must be beyond the weight of my burden,
     and beyond my tears,

          and beyond my strength, 
               and beyond my experience.

The looking must be to God alone, 
     to the place of His presence, 
          the place of His mercy, 
               the place of His grace.

Impossibility is writ large over all else.
There can be no change except it be given by God.

The God-quickened "looking" can see beyond the obstacle to the Other Side.
     The Look of Faith brings that which is There, to Here. 
          And God's dimension brings the Answer.

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