Friday, January 25, 2019

In the Fulness ... part 2

Let me return for a moment to the subject of the last blog and look at Paul's word "Fullness."

What is fullness?

The thought of Fullness brings me to God.
Fullness is everything which is God's.

Fullness is the life of abundance.
Fullness is the cup overflowing.

The thought of fullness leads me to those lives in the history of the church which were touched by heaven,
     those who carried heaven with them,
          those lives which were "Saviours on mount Zion." (Ob. 1.21)

These were the appointed and anointed ones who lived in a different realm than those around them.
These were the seers (see-ers) to whom the heavenly realm was clear.
These were the ones who knew Reality.

I write all this because I feel there is an intense yearning in God to bring this generation of His people into their inheritance.
In a time when all around us man's answers are mere illusions, God waits for a people who will awake to seize hold on that which longs to bestow. 

God desires to give revelation of the transcendent dimension of the realm of His Spirit.
He longs for us to know the place where His fullness flows as a mighty river,
     and His grace extends as a limitless ocean,
          while all the hurt of earthly bonds are carried far away.

He would bring our lives into a place of rest and certainty in Himself,
     our strivings of frustration forgotten (Heb 4.10),
          His Life and His Resources our portion.