Monday, December 31, 2018

In the Beginning ... God breathed

Man's story began with the Breath of God. (Gen. 2.7)

The breath of God transmitted life, 
brought the dawning of man's creation, 
the beginning of his awareness, 
the opening of his eyes to see, 
his heart to feel, 
his mind to comprehend.

It is still so, as we see a new year stretching before us.
We stray from the Way when we try by other means to attain to anything in the Kingdom of God.

Perhaps never in the history of the world has man been so intent in applying his knowledge, aided by the power of computers, to optimize his understanding of how everything functions in this world.
And never before in history has information been so broken down and rearranged in the service of efficiency.

erhaps also, there has never been in the history of the church so much searching for forms and formulas  to optimize spiritual experience.
Programs and methods have proliferated until the fresh and vital role of the Spirit of God has been left by the wayside.

Paul speaks of the Greeks following wisdom, and the world through wisdom losing God. ( 1Cor. 1)

Woe to us when the Greek mentality enters the church and takes our attention away from the dimension of the Spirit of God.
Woe to us when God, the Creator, is upstaged by man the organizer.
Woe when God ceases to hold the center of our lives, and we fail to see that all man-generated activity is totally unable to bring life.

God's call to us is from death unto Life, from the dust of the world to the breath of the Spirit - a fleeing from, and a fleeing to...

The Truth is sublimely simple: 

That which God has breathed upon lives, 
but that which has not been breathed upon by God is dead.

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