Wednesday, December 19, 2018

At the End of Time

The ending of a year marks the ending of a cycle of time, and we do well to take these moments to evaluate our progress in the onward march of our years.

There must be for all of us, things which we have desired and things which we have sought.
The question comes: will these things ever see the light of Reality?
Will the direction we are taking bring us to Reality?

Is our progress marked by Passion or by Apathy?

Are we hoping for something "at the end of the rainbow"?
Or do we know where we are going?

God spoke to Jeremiah (33.3) saying "call unto Me"
There is an exclusivity here - Me and Nothing Else.
     All the Plea is directed there.
     All the Hope is deposited there. 
     All the expectation is from there. 

The Calling is for today, and tomorrow and tomorrow - 
a Call which is Unrelenting, Undeviating, Unwavering, 
going on and on, until the answer comes.

It is a Call which holds us prisoner, 
     a Call born from an insistent need within,
          a Call fed by a frustration with our surroundings.
               a Call fanned by an indignation with Mediocrity,
                    a Call driven by the knowledge of an Answer.

There is a Clarity  of vision which gives Sight in the midst of fog and shadows.

And there is a Call which knows there are great and hidden things awaiting.

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