Saturday, December 29, 2018

At the End of the Year ... at the Beginning of the Year

"I am with you." (Is. 41.10)

When Adam sinned, in an instant, the peace and rest of Eden was exchanged for fear and uncertainty.
A separation from God had taken place, 
and Adam's first confession after his disobedience was, "I was afraid." (Gen. 3.10)

For the first time Adam felt dread.
     An impalpable fear covered everything, 
          the future stretched before him as a menacing darkness, 
               and peace was no more.

The intimacy of Eden was destroyed for Adam and for all mankind, 
and together with him we entered the darkness.

As we come to the end of one year and enter into the next, the word from Isaiah (41.10) fills the air with an unshakable surety.
The promise "I am with you" fills all the void that sin has brought and gives us an undergirding for all our coming days.
All we have inherited from the Adam's fall,
all the weight of darkness,
all the unknown,
all the uncertain,
all that weighs upon us from without and within,
is covered by that Promise.

The Prince of Peace came to restore what Adam lost.     
     No matter what the challenges,
     no matter what the battles,
     no matter what the storms,
     no matter what the days may bring,
          they can never alter this fact.

Here we can rest, and find our strength and faith renewed from an Unfailing Source, ... "I am with you."
     This is our confidence,
          our sure hope,
               our eternal foundation.

The word of the prophet is still the Never-Failing, Ever-Availing, promise, 
the Light and Life for our lives as we step into the coming days.
                                               I am with you.

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