Friday, December 14, 2018

Time ... What is it For?

We approach the end of yet another year,
and I wonder what we think of fleeting Time ...

The seconds tick by and gather with the past, gone forever.
Our lives are just a little shorter - even in the moments we are reading this page.
Does it matter?
Has time value?

The Garden of Eden was a garden of Life for mankind, 
until, in a moment, it became the garden of Death, as sin separated man from the Creator. 
Mankind has lived in the valley of the Shadow of Death ever since.

David seeing death around him asked for Life (Ps. 21.4)
There is an intensity there, it  is a sort of request/demand - 
a recognition that physical life is not enough, 
and that without the extra God-given Life, there is no real sense or purpose to our existence - all is empty and all is vain. 

In man's world superficiality is writ large over everything

     So easily our purpose in life becomes a perpetuating of existence, 
     even when it means nothing beyond a repetition of the sameness.

Only in God's Presence is there Life.
Only as we seek with intensity of longing are our eyes opened to really see.
"In Him dwelleth all the fulness" ... and we "are Complete in Him." (Col. 2.9,10)

God gifts us with Time that we might find Life.

May we find the intensity:
     that opens our eyes to see, 
          and our hearts to believe - 
there is yet a far greater realm in Him than all we have yet known.

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