Wednesday, June 26, 2019

God in the Midst

We heard a testimony from a neighbor this morning.
This is a neighbor lady, who just moved in, with many years of faithful church going behind her.
"I never had two days like these two days," she said.  
"I was invited to this little new church and for first time in my life I knew what  the peace of God is.  
In the past I have been prayed for and experienced deliverances, and healings,  
but I had never experience the peace, the PEACE of God.  
I have spent these days praising, singing and overwhelmed by the peace of God." 
She wanted to say so much more but was lacking words to express all it meant to her.  
She kept on repeating, "He said, 'My peace I give unto you, not as the world'..."

Once again it was impressed upon me,
the tremendous difference which comes when the working of God is real.
I wonder how many, like my poor neighbor, go to church week after week, 
and year after year, and yet never know the working of the Spirit of God ministering within, where life really happens.
The outward forms and observances,
     the "church going" and the church talk,
          has failed to provide an answer.

So many times I have thought of the things God bestows upon us as places in which God gives us to dwell -
My neighbor was taken from dwelling in unrest and fear to a place of peace.
She SAW Him as her Peace, and by His grace she can dwell in that place.

Likewise God has provided a place where I can dwell in the faith of the Son of God,
and a Place where I feel secure in the Love and Care of God,
and a Place where Revelation abounds as sure as the rising of the sun at break of day,
and a Place where the Spirit of God leads and sheds Light on all my way.

This is the unfailing certainty,
     this is the anchor.
It is not anything that we are,
     nor is it anything that we can learn or do.

These are places of God's impartation -
     places beyond the reach of sins destruction, or time's decay.
Places where Life is sure with an eternal certainty,
     and where Life grows from day to day from a never failing supply.

All that God gives us never changes, because God never changes.

          "He leadeth me  ... He restoreth my soul." (Ps. 23.2,3)

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