Friday, June 21, 2019

Born to Awareness

We have got it all wrong.
Our approach to the Christian Life.
The teachings of most churches and Bible schools.
The ways we read and study ... we have got it all wrong.

We can define everything while possessing nothing in the realm of the Kingdom.

When we were born into the New Life we were born into awareness -
a Knowing that the Old had passed and a New Life was given us.
At the moment of our birth we became aware of the difference between right and wrong. 
We became aware of a new Life with new horizons, and new pathways.
At the moment of our birth there was no doubt shadowing the horizon,
no fear lurking at our feet.

The invitation and the challenge always is, "As ye have received Christ so walk ye in Him" (Col. 2.6) 
He is the Light to lighten all our days.

God's Light shines on these lives of ours, we but it is so easy to let men separate us from this simplicity.
It is so easy to believe men who "teach" us of the importance of having other men to guide us, and keep us safe in our pathway.

It is a tragedy to depend upon laws, principles and teachings to protect us.
It is a tragedy when this need for "safety" leads us to abandon our dependence upon the Spirit of God.
It is a tragedy when a man returns to the confines of the pit from which he was delivered, 
and depends upon the old man-made traditions to interpret the new realm of divine life.

Like the mariner who crossing an ocean is guided by the stars, nothing in the boat, nothing of all our human cargo can guide us,
- we must lift our eyes to He Who is Above it All.
He is the One Who guides into all Truth:
     in Him dwells all Fullnes, 
          all the answers for all our needs, 
               all the strength for all our battles, 
                    all the Light and all the faith we can ever need. 

"Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith." (Heb. 12.2)