Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Coming to Revelation

Moses shoes had carried him through the desert,  
     uphill and down,
          over the rocks and the gullies,
until they brought him to the burning bush
- the sacred place where revelation awaited.

Now comes God's first word of direction, it was:
'Come no further, take off your shoes'. (Ex. 3.5)

Those shoes which had carried Moses to this place were to be left aside,
     and he was to stand on the bare ground in his bare feet -
          in an unimpeded contact with God's reality.

I wonder if we are able to have any concept of the revelation which awaits us in God's world,
     on the far side of the removal of our shoes -
          when we dispose of the things which we rely upon,
               the things which have carried us to this point in our lives.

Probably we have a whole collection of shoes ...
     of doctrines ... education ... books read ... sermons heard 
          ... input from "mentors" ... our own set ideas,
                and our fears, hopes and ambitions.
                     Upon these shoes our lives depend.

But we can never approach the burning bush with shoes on our feet.
And we will never be able to hear the message of the burning bush 
until we rid ourselves of all the external and internal things upon which we lean.

Only here can there be an empowerment for the waiting challenges, and the future journey.

     This is the place where God Himself speaks.

               And it is here that a new stage of life begins.