Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Now shalt thou see what I shall do...  Ex. 6:1

Now shalt thou see what I will do...

There was an unrealized ''what" in the life of Moses.
    There was a  ''what'' 
                      that was a Call 
                          and a Commission.

Moses had endured forty years of desert preparation.
He had seen the beginning of his ministry but, so far
nothing of the Fulness ... no real unfolding of what God had spoken.

Moses' last words before this word from God was a cry of "wherefore'' and ''why?''
He found himself at the end of his faith, and resources ... blind to the way forward... Egypt all around, and the people still enslaved.

Moses question is 
    ''How about Now? 
        What is going on Now?''

Is it hard to see the parallel in our lives...our own ''what''... the God given word, vision, dream?

How long will our hope remain unrealized?
The processes of God have led us to vision, can they lead us to fulfilment?

In our lives, can we see the dimension of God's ''What'' and not our own?
     Can we see beyond earth's horizons and our own      human limitations?
     Can we start to see the limitless realms of God?
     Can we, dare we, reach out to possess realms            which are not dependant on our natural abilities?

As for Moses, so for us there awaits a place where God says, ''Now shalt thou see what I will do.''

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