Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Time...Our Place..

"for such a time as this..." Esther 4:14

As with a pile of rotting compost, at the beginning of the twentieth century the fermentation of society produced a spontaneous combustion, which after anarchy and uprising, led to the consuming fires of the first World War.

Today, as it was a hundred and twenty years ago, systems of government and commerce cease to be viable.
And today, as then, there are no answers on the horizon.
Today the temperature in the pile of compost which we call civilization is reaching critical heat... and no one knows how or when it will explode into flame.

Our day is fraught with crisis, it is not a time for apathy.
There is no status quo ... everything is in a state of flux.

The God of Measure (the God whose atom oscillating at 430 trillion times a second is accurate they tell us within a second in 15 billion years), this God of Perfect Measure, knows perfectly our out-of-control world, and He knows His own.

Ours is the responsibility to pray, obey and trust until His kingdom becomes clear to us...until in His light we see Him eternally Sufficient to sustain His purposes.

We have:
        A responsibility to Stand while all is falling,
                A responsibility to Show Forth a Salvation which rises high and firm over the chaos of man's endeavors, man's world.

Unless we find this, our position in God, we have No Message... No Word... and No Authority in the midst of the coming cataclysm.

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