Thursday, January 26, 2017

 "His going forth is prepared as the morning"  Hosea 6:3

Prepared...a picture of God arising as the sun over the darkness of the night.

Prepared...a Vision we need in our day. this broken day of ours where the old order of things is falling apart, and the new is as yet unknown and unproved, and we suspect its ability to bring about the change we need.

Everything around us is clothed in uncertainty but God's plans are as certain as the morning.
    His Coming is certain,
        His Working is certain,
            His Triumph is certain.

God wants us to Look from our broken world and see Him Ruling and Working in the midst of the years of our lives.
He desires us to see beyond the Shadows, the Obscurity and the Dungeon.

Prepared...God is ready to bring to pass all His work in us, and through us
Our lives were meant to be a day by day unveiling of that which He gives...without impediment, "a morning without clouds.''

Can we ask Him to roll away the clouds and show us the Clear Shining in all its glory...and not be satisfied until we find ourselves seeing only His Light, knowing only His working in our lives?

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