Monday, January 16, 2017

Today...if ye will hear His voice.

Today..."yesterday's gone, and tomorrow may never be mine".

Does my response to God today correspond to the measure of what He gives to me?

In our world everything, always, is given by measure.
We give in a measure which corresponds to our estimation of the worth of things.
In God's world there can be no measuring - with God a thing is either of eternal worth or it is worthless.

Time is a thing, a thing to be "redeemed" (bought back).
Bought back from the time which our trivial world of man demands of us.
Bought back from our internet, our television, and all our time wasting activities.

The time redeemed becomes for us a part of eternity;
a part of the kingdom of God.

We move out from our things to the Presence of the One Who is eternal.

We move into that eternity which is not merely length of days, but an eternity as broad and as high and as deep as it is long.

We come to the sphere of the infinite, where God can begin to teach us of Himself, of His purposes, of His promises, and that all things "in Him are yea and in Him amen."

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