Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Quarantine - a Waiting in Mercy, a Time to Repent?

1 Chronicles 12.32  speaks of men who knew, who discerned.

There are things we can only truly know by the Spirit -
truth known in a realm beyond emotion, instinct or thought.

If we are not illuminated by the Spirit of God, 

we are inevitably mistaken in our judgement of the world around us. 

We live amidst a profusion of voices.

     We cannot know the times in which we live, 
          if we only depend on others who profess to hear.
We cannot trust any voice except that which comes to us from God.

I hear so many affirmations of the great work which God is about to do in the not too distant future, and I am disturbed.
     What is the measure of our searching, 

          our surrender and our obedience to God?
Is what we hear about us "revelation" or is it not much more than fanciful thinking?

We always think that there is a tomorrow when things will be again as they are today - or perhaps better.
     Maybe we need to ask the basic question, will there even be a tomorrow as 

          we imagine?

Voices from the past are stilled:
     for years God has had His messengers preaching words of warning -
          I think of David Wilkerson and my father pouring out their heart's     

          in a burning cry.
But that time is past.

After Noah had preached righteousness and built the ark for one hundred and twenty years.,
God brought judgement to the earth.
The ark was finished ... but God waited seven more days before the door was closed.

Heb 3:15 says: "To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts."
There had been one hundred and twenty years of Noah's preaching righteousness,
and yet after all these years God gave yet seven more days for mercy, for repentance.

I wonder if we are not in the time of the "seven days";
I wonder if this time of quarantine is not a time in which God still waits
- waits for our response before pouring out destruction.
I wonder if time is more advanced than we think.
I wonder if our way of life is at an end, except for the short days of mercy.

The verse of Hebrews 3.15 comes to mind:
"To day if ye will hear his voice,
harden not your hearts, as in the provocation."
Mercy calls us, and God awaits our reaction.

"The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him." (Ps. 25.14)
     Do we fear Him?
          Do we know His secret?

God's ear is ever open to the cries of His own and they will not be forsaken.
     Let us fear God alone,
          and let us seek God alone.


  1. Agreed! The measure that we hear (personally) from God is in direct correlation with the measure that we personally seek Him, and after all, isn't that what we all want? I think this is an important question we must ask ourselves. If we want comfortable, cost-free discipleship, the affirmation and protection of the "group", and someone to do the complicated thinking for us (in other words, Traditional and Historical Christianity), we will never have the relationship with the Father that He wants us to have, or be spiritually effective in the way He wants us to be. And if we believe, as some do, that there is power in numbers or power in political "gains," or if we believe that Christian unity can be achieved in any other way than through our connection in the Holy Spirit, we clearly do not have an understanding of the power of God or what the Apostle Paul was trying to tell us about what it means to be united with Christ, with the Father, and with one another. If we try to unite under any other pretense, our battle is lost before it begins because we are battling in the devil's territory (earthly, political, intellectual, emotional) and accepting his terms of engagement, rather than fully relying on the Holy Spirit. The result is that we become spiritually defeated Christians, lacking true unity and the joy of the Lord, which, in the words of one my favorite Christian authors, E.W.Kenyon, " the attractive part of Christianity."
    If every Christian used these times of quarantine to seek God, as you suggested, the power that will come from those encounters will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.

  2. Yes! Your words burn in my heart with Love for My Lord! ❤️ God speaks Amazing Truth through you.. Amen!