Thursday, August 20, 2020

"GO ... OUT"

In Mathew 25...... we have the story of the ten virgins.
    It is a story of preparedness and unpreparedness
        a story of oil and light,
            a story of a coming bridegroom.

Today there is one little phrase which jumps out in the passage:
    "Go ye out to meet Him."

And in the phrase one word which calls:
    the word "out."

It seems a word sadly forsaken in our times,
    a truth so central to the gospel,
        a truth so uncompromising.

If we would meet God we must go out.
    Out from all the things with which we are surrounded ...
        Out from things external and from things internal.

We must leave behind all our earthly knowledge to find a way in the realm of the Spirit.
    When we go to Him we cannot carry with us the bondage of any human   understanding -
    none of the things which man's ingenuity has "interpreted" of how the things of God,
    and the Word of God, really are.

We can carry no weight of earth's traditions, nor doctrines.
    God is far beyond all of this.
        We can carry none of the besetting sins,
            nor of "besetting ambitions" for ourselves.

It is a going out beyond our doubts and fears and ambitions.

Everything must be laid down if we are to go "out."
    Our eyes must be on God ALONE.
        Our hearts must be set on God ALONE.
            All the hopes and yearnings of our lives must be only for Him.

For those who seek Him thus,
    there is a Meeting,
        there is an Encounter,
            there is a wedding and rejoicing.
            If we catch the merest glimpse of the overwhelming glory of God,
            If we would see for an instant His Presence,
            then all other things would seem so tawdry,
            and utterly unworthy of our attention.
            And we would walk all our days in the glory of that revelation.
            As Jesus "steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem" (Lk. 9.51)
                    Let us turn from all else,

                         let us set our faces, 
                              to go out to meet Him.


  1. True words here, My Brother Paul! Interactions with God can be experienced, but only on His terms. Just as Moses had to remove his sandals (a symbol of the world) before entering God's presence, the prerequisite of these holy encounters is leaving behind every man-made Christian tradition and our limited knowledge of God and His ways, just as you stated here. Like Moses, we'll come away with His light on our face and a new perspective on what it means to be a servant of God and a disciple of Christ. But this is also when the real battles begin because this is when we become a true threat to the devil's kingdom, so be prepared for some unusual things to happen. God bless you.