Friday, January 31, 2020

No More

God speaks in Job 38.11, "Here shall thy proud winds be stayed"

It is interesting that the waves are associated with pride
- uplifting and advancing with resistless force.

What a picture of the enemy - 
     unstoppable in his pride and destructive force until God decrees.

Here at the bottom of Argentina lies Cape Horn,
where the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Antartic Oceans meet.
     Here the winds blow unchecked across the thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean.
          Here gigantic waves are formed and it has been estimated that in these seas 800 ships and over 10,000 men were lost between the sixteenth and the twentieth centuries.

What a picture of destruction is there.
And what a picture of the waves which arise against the child of God.
     The waves are unchecked until God says, "Enough."

When God marks the spot and says "here,"
     the waves cannot advance one step more.
          When He says "here" the destructive power is no more. 

How great is God,
how great is His power, and His mercy.
     It is for us to believe,
          to take hold, 
               to stand firm.

 It is for us to repeat His declaration of promise,
      to say with Him, in faith, 
          "here shall thy proud waves be stayed."

This is the calm God bestows upon His own,
     a calm which is absolute and inviolable,
          a calm beyond the power of the enemy to desecrate.

             This is the place of our Comfort, our Safety and Renewal.